About The Team

0509 is a side project started a while back by Stan Higgins, Rodney Volkov, Yerbolat Sigizbayev, Bjorn Sandstrom and Toshiharu Oba. We grew up in different parts of the world and met at a community college in the Upper Midwest. Originally, 0509 was a jersey project for our hockey team in the winter, baseball team in the summer, and other sports in between. Our design/production base is located in the Valley, the Great 818.

Team0509. We Came in from the Cold / Из Евразии в Северную Америку. Official languages - Russian and English (with an occasional Central Asian dialect to make it more confusing). We love geopolitics, ice hockey (including bandy), winter sports, game seven, бейсбол, metric system, rural mountains, association football, the importance of education and constant practice. ТРЕНИРУЙСЯ. EVERY DAY. East Kazakhstan / Russian Far East / South Urals / Northern Iowa / Daghestan / Southern California. Since 1972, sort of.